• A Secure Fit
    UpShade stays in place when you roll the
    window up and down.
  • Safety
    UpShade promotes safe driving with its
    see-thru nylon mesh.
  • Convenience
    UpShade fits most car windows and is both
    stylish and practical.
  • Protection
    UpShade protects you from the sun’s
    harmful UV rays.

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UpShade rear shades come in 3 sizes to work effectively in as many vehicles as possible.  We have small medium and large shades that can be turned on their sides for longer or taller windows.  Our shades are much larger than the typical suction cup shades and in many cases will cover almost all of your rear side windows.

Finally, a car shade that lets you roll your window down.
Let’s face it. As a busy working dad, mom, professional, the car shade is the least of your worries. You don't need anything fancy; you just need one that works well and stays in place.As Seen On TV

UpShade fits securely into your car's window tracks, eliminating the need for suction cups and stick-ons.

Now you can roll down your car window without hassle, and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Rear Window ShadesNEW - Rear Window UpShades
Our new rear window shades are now available!.
Click here to learn more and to order now.

UpShade Models
Besides our 3 new models of REAR window shades that are now ready to order, UpShade now offers 3 front shades and 3 rear shades to fit as many vehicles as possible. If you have problems, please send an email to customerservice@upshadeauto.com

Vehicle Sizing
Click here to find your vehicle sizing. If your vehicle is not listed, please email customer service.

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